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Boys During a Gymnastics Practice

Mini Session Classes

NEW THIS YEAR! We're excited to introduce our Ninja program. Our Ninja's in training will learn flips and tricks that only the world's greatest Ninjas know while also working on strength training, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus and conditioning. Our Ninja program is part of our Mini Sessions. We have 3 mini sessions per school year, Fall (October - December), Winter (January-March) and Spring (April-June). Each mini session concludes with an in studio showcase of everything our Ninja's in training have learnt throughout the session.

Class Descriptions

Preschool Ninja

Ages 2-4

Is your little one always flipping around the house with no fear? Do they run and jump everywhere they go? This class is for them! In Preschool Ninja our 2-4 year olds will learn basic age appropriate tumbling skills and Ninja tricks alongside stretching, strength building, balance, focus and conditioning so our littlest Ninja's are safe and comfortable as they develop more advanced skills. 

Class Schedule

Sundays 11:15-11:45am


Elementary Ninja

Ages 5+

In Elemntary Ninja, our 5+ year old future Ninja's learn acrobatic based flips and tricks like handstands, cartwheels, aerials and summer saults along with specialty skills only the worlds greatest Ninjas know in a unique class setting. In addition, the class will also work on flexibility, strength training, conditioning, focus and balance. All essential skills for the next generation of Ninjas!

Class Schedule


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