Summer for Ages 2-5

Summer's all about FUN at TDC! Regardless of your age or skill level we've got super fun summer dance options for you! Fill your summer with dancing fun at TDC!

Sparkleberry Fairy Garden

June 19-22     Ages 2-5     5:30-6:45pm

Your petite dancer will not want to miss the Sparkleberry Fairy Garden annual party! Dancers will join fairy friends, fancy flamingos, and a colorful rainbow of dancing fruits and flowers for a fairy sparkling good time in both ballet and tap! This magical camp is full of pixie dust, dancing, games, glittery crafts and so much more!

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DJ Dino's Hip Hop Stomp

July 17-20     Ages 2-5     5:30-6:45pm

Yo, Kids! Get ready to break it down with hip hop moves and jurassic grooves in this earthshaking hip hop dino camp! As a member of DJ Dino’s Hip Hop Crew, your energetic dino dancer will explore the land of Hip-Hop-O-Toa and star in the the annual Rappin’ Raptor Reptile Rock Out! Not only will they learn dino-mite hip hop moves (always age appropriate, of course!), they’ll also dig the super-saurus crafts and dino games each day in this fast-paced, high energy camp! It’s sure to be a prehistoric time!

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Dance PAWty with my Pet

August 8-11     Ages 2-5     5:30-6:45pm

Raise your paws if you love Paw Patrol and Secret Life of Pets because you’ll PAWSitively love this fun tap, ballet and creative movement dance camp! Tiny dancers can bring their favorite stuffed pet (dog, cat, character, anything goes!) and together they’ll unleash the fun on four PURRfect dancing adventures: The Paws & Claws Pet Spa, Pet PAWrade, Museum of Pet PAWtraits and the Disco Dance PAWty! At each stop along the way, dancers and pets will dance together and earn paw prints in their Pet PAWfolios. This dance PAWty will be a fun time…FUR sure!

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