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Assistant & Apprentice Program

We may be a little biased but being a dance teacher is one of the best jobs in the world! Especially while in high school and university. Our assistant & apprentice program will train accepted applicants to be fully prepared to teach their own classes at TDC and have a rewarding career as a dance teacher.

Grade 5 & up

Assistant Program

In our assistant program dancers will learn how to be responsible in a dance class setting, how to demonstrate movements to dancers, classroom management skills and child behaviour management skills through a combination of in studio classes and assisting in preschool & foundational program classes at TDC. After a minimum of 1 year in our assistant program dancers can apply to be part of our apprentice program.


Apprentice Program

Grade 7 & up

In this three year training program our apprentices will learn classroom management skills, childhood development stages, child behaviour management skills, how to create lesson plans, how to choreograph dances, how to progress dancers in their training from creative movement to pre-professional and so much more! Graduating apprentices will have all the knowledge and skills needed to confidently teach classes on their own not only at TDC but anywhere their life leads them. They will also gain priceless life skills such as adaptability, time management, teaching skills, responsibility, confidence, leadership skills and more! Ecole Edward Schreyer School students will also have the ability to gain up to 3 high school credits upon completion of the program.


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