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Mini Session Classes

These classes are made for kids who are interested in dance but don't want to perform. They're perfect for first time dancers who are just dipping their toes into dance for the first time, families who want a super low commitment and dancers who enjoy working on technique rather then choreography and performance capabilities. Mini Session & Adult classes run in 3 sessions (August-December, January-April, May-June) 

Class Descriptions

Confident Walkers - 3 years

Creative Movement 

This class is a fun introduction to dance that all children will love. Students will explore creating rhythms and learn how to move with music alongside their parents. All while exploring their imagination with props, games and stories. Please note: Parent or guardian participation is required.

2024/25 Sessions

Mondays 5:30-6:00pm

Thursdays 5:05-5:35pm


Energy Burn

Ages 3+

In these fun filled, jam packed classes we bring all your favourite energy burning elements into the class, like freeze dance, obstacle courses, follow along videos, parachute time and more to create a non stop class that burns all of your kiddos pent-up energy. These classes are perfect for kiddos who need to keep moving all the time and never seem to run out of energy!

2024/25 Sessions

Mondays 5:20-5:50pm

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