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2023/24 Season Schedule

- Tarantism Dance Company reserves the right to change the schedule at any time.


10:45-11:15am Preschool Combo (Ages 2-4)

11:15-11:45am Preschool Ninja (Ages 2-4)

11:20-12:05pm Elementary Combo (Ages 5+)

12:05-12:35pm Preschool Energy Burn (Ages 2-4)

12:05-12:50pm Elementary Ninja (Ages 5+)

12:50-1:35pm Elementary Energy Burn (Ages 5+)

12:50-1:50pm Mini Acro A (Ages 6-8)

1:40-2:25pm Beginner A (Age 4)

1:55-2:25pm Tumble Tots (Ages 2-3)

2:25-2:55pm Pre-Beginner A (Ages 2-3)

2:25-3:10pm Tumble Kids (Ages 4-5)

3:15-4:15pm Micro Mini A (Age 5)

3:10-4:10pm Mini Acro B (Ages 6-8)

4:15-5:15pm Mini Jazz A (Ages 6-8)

4:15-5:25pm Petite Acro (Ages 9-11)

5:20-6:20pm Mini Tap (Ages 6-8)

5:30-6:40pm Petite & Junior Jazz (Ages 9+)

6:40-7:50pm Petite & Junior Contemporary (Ages 9+)

7:50-9:00pm Junior Acro (Ages 12+)


5:00pm-6:00pm Mini Ballet A (Ages 6-8)

5:30-6:15pm Beginner B (Age 4)

6:00-6:45pm Micro Mini & Mini Performance Company (Ages 5-8)

6:15-6:45pm Itty Bitty Performance Company (Ages 3-5)

6:50-7:50pm Gentle Jazz (Adults)

6:50-7:50pm Petite Performance Company (Ages 9-12)

7:50-8:50pm Junior Performance Company (Ages 13+)

7:50-9:00pm Petite Lyrical (Ages 9-12)


5:30-6:00pm Creative Movement A (Confident Walkers - 3 years)

5:30-6:30pm Mini Hip Hop A (Ages 6-8)

6:05-6:35pm Pre-Beginner B (Ages 2-3)

6:35-7:35pm Mini Jazz A (Ages 6-8)

6:30-7:40pm Petite Hip Hop (Ages 9-12)

7:40-8:40pm Gentle Ukrainian (Adults)

7:40-8:50pm Petite Tap (Ages 9-12)


5:00-5:30pm Pre-Beginner C (Ages 2-3)

5:15-6:00pm Beginner C (Age 4)

5:35-6:35pm Mini Hip Hop B (Ages 6-8)

6:00-7:00pm Mini & Petite Ukrainian (Ages 6-12)

6:35-7:35pm Mini Ballet B (Ages 6-8)

7:00-8:00pm Assistant & Apprentice Program (Must apply & be accepted)

7:40-8:40pm Gentle Tap (Adults)

8:00-9:00pm Junior Ukrainian (Ages 13+)


5:30-6:40pm Petite Ballet (Ages 9-12)

5:35-6:35pm Micro Mini B (Age 5)

6:40-7:50pm Petite Jazz (Ages 9-12)

6:40-7:50pm Junior Jazz (Ages 13+)

7:50-9:00pm Junior Ballet (Ages 13+)

7:55-8:55pm Barre Fitness (Adults)


5:30-6:00pm Creative Movement C (Confident Walkers - 3 years)

5:30-6:40pm Junior Tap (Ages 13+)

6:00-7:00pm Micro Mini C (Age 5)

6:40-7:50pm Junior Lyrical (Ages 13+)

7:40-8:40pm After Dark (Adults)

7:50-9:00pm Junior Hip Hop (Ages 13+)


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