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The TDC Team

Mikayla Buss

Director, Owner & Founder

Teaches: Ballet, Jazz & Performance Company.

Biggest Dream: To have my own personal Thermea in my backyard.

Fun Fact: My favourite TV shows all start with "G"! Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy and Ginny & Georgia!

Birthday: February 15 (BONUS FUN FACT, it's also the day I launched TDC!)

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I'm probably at Thermea or in Ukraine.

My dance background in 50 words or less: Started Ukrainian dance at age 5. Quickly fell in love with all other styles. Moved to Ukraine after graduating high school to live the life of a professional Ukrainian dancer. Founded TDC at 18. Graduated from the Adapt Syllabus Teacher's Training School in July 2022.


Julia Armstrong

Assistant Director

Teaches: Preschoolers, Ukrainian, Jazz, Lyrical, Barre Fitness, Performance Company, Assistant Program & Apprentice Program. 

Biggest Dream: To go on a cross Canada road trip.

Fun Fact: I can play the accordion.

Birthday: June 7

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I love to go camping.

My dance background in 50 words or less: Started Ukrainian dancing at age 5, and have continued ever since. Joined Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble at 15. Travelled to and performed in Ukraine as well as RWB's Nutcracker with them. Also trained in Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet. Currently in my final year of the ADAPT Syllabus Teachers' Training School.


Mikaela Rosentreter

Admin Team/ Substitute Instructor

Teaches: Anything & Everything!

Biggest Dream: For all parts of the world to have equal rights.

Fun Fact: I am the biggest travel bug!

Birthday: November 17

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I LOVE to swim!

My dance background in 50 words or less: I started dancing at age 4. I danced competitively for 14 years and won many awards and was invited to compete at worlds in tap. I've had the opportunity to train in tap, hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, pointe and musical theatre.


Natalie Sluis


Teaches: Acro, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary & Tap

Biggest Dream: To be a performer.

Fun Fact: I was a gymnast and didn't start dancing until later in life.

Birthday: January 14

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I'm acting.

My dance background in 50 words or less: I was a gymnast for many years before starting dance and have also been a gymnastics coach for many years. Currently I dance at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg.


Kallie Hurrell


Teaches: Preschoolers, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap & Hip Hop

Biggest Dream: To travel the world.

Fun Fact: My favourite colour is yellow!

Birthday: January 28

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I like to read, write & paint.

My dance background in 50 words or less: I've been dancing since I was two years old. I am trained in tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz and hip hop and have danced competitively for the past 8 years.


Isabella Reilly

Junior Instructor

Teaches: Preschoolers, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Ninja & After Dark

Biggest Dream: Travel to Thailand

Fun Fact: I got a new puppy!

Birthday: July 4

When I'm not at TDC dancing, I love going to the zoo!

My dance background in 50 words or less: Dancing for almost 20 years. Trained in jazz, ballet, lyrical, acro, contemporary & tap. I have lots of experience assistant teaching in many different dance styles and absolutely love teaching preschool dance. I'm so excited to join the TDC teaching team!

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